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Steel Windows Melbourne

At Empire Steel, we’re proud that our steel windows are designed and built right here in Melbourne by some of the best steel fabricators, construction experts and tradespeople this great city has to offer. Transform your home or commercial space into style personified with our hand-crafted steel windows in Melbourne.

Steel windows are an ideal design choice in Melbourne. Their effortless style fits perfectly with Melbourne’s hip aesthetic, whether you’re looking to add stunning natural light to a home in Elwood or keen to put your unique touch on chic customised steel frame windows for a cafe in Fitzroy. 

Melbourne is known for its fashion-forward architecture and interior designs. And our steel windows in on-trend finishes and colours will allow you to show off your artistic design sensibility, as we’ve already done for some many homes, restaurants, cafes and even doctors’ surgeries around Melbourne.

Using quality stainless or galvanised steel, our steel windows are super strong and robust, capable of withstanding all manner of Melbourne conditions and built to last. Steel is also recyclable, which makes it more environmentally friendly too.

Empire Steel: Melbourne’s Choice for Over 20 Years

Our steel windows have been providing the perfect balance between wonderful style and unparalleled quality to our fellow Melbournians for over 20 years, helping us gain a loyal and trusted reputation in steel frame windows in Melbourne. 

Melbourne’s edgy culture inspires our steel window designs, which are available in a range of colours and finishes. Choose black steel frame windows for a glamourous look that works wonders in private residences and hospitality venues alike. Or opt for intricate architectural steel window designs for the ultimate in attractive interior room dividers or reception areas. 

No matter your design preference, Empire Steel precisely handcrafts your custom steel window designs from scratch at our in-house steel fabrication workshop in Melbourne. This means you get architectural steel windows with local expertise and local products, but to exacting world-class standards

Customise Your Steel Window Designs in Melbourne

Not only do we offer effective and modern steel windows, we customise your steel window designs to fit your wide imagination and your budget. Consult with our expert designers to create steel furniture to suit a wide range of interior and exterior environments. 

Complete your holistic architectural designs by combining our steel windows with contemporary steel doors in a host of finishes and features, and beautiful artistic metalwork that is sure to add superb style to any space.At Empire Steel, the highly qualified welders and specialist tradespeople that make up our friendly, experienced team are excited to work collaboratively with you to design your dream steel frame windows. Get in touch today.

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