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As well as our stunning, functional steel windows and doors, we are also experts in artistic metalwork for one-off steel installations across a diverse range of projects.

We specialise in the design, detailing and fabrication of architectural steel solutions, such as internal and external handrails, balustrades, staircases and balconies, and sunroom extensions. 

No other construction material can match the flexibility, design, potential and durability of steel. In modern architecture, there is much value placed upon straight lines and clean metallic surfaces. Stainless steel provides both, ensuring a cool, on-trend contemporary look.

Combine Architectural Steel with Steel Doors & Windows

Whether you’re looking to internally reinforce your sunroom or build an eye-catching steel staircase, architectural steel offers so many benefits. Aesthetically, it can be customised with numerous finishes and colours to suit your desired decor designs. It also offers unrivalled strength and protection when exposed to moisture or harsh conditions. \

Another great benefit of architectural steel is how wonderfully it combines with steel frame doors and windows and creative steel furniture. So no matter whether you’re designing a humble home or a gigantic commercial space, the steel-on-steel look is sure to add an abundance of style to any type of project. 

After all, steel offers the perfect balance between style and substance, and this is especially the case when included in steel-centric designs that allow it to be a focal point. This makes our leading range of custom architectural steel solutions, such as handrails, balustrades, steel staircases and balconies, great additions on their own or as part of an overarching design.

Why Architectural Steel from Empire Steel?

As leaders in architectural steel windows and doors in Australia, Empire Steel has expert fabricators who are skilled in assisting architects and engineers to add stunning finishes and details to their projects. From lavish metal plate stairs to artistic handrails, our metalwork is second to none. 

Empire Steel has been designing, detailing and fabricating architectural steel solutions for over 20 years. We can fulfil your design and build requirements by delivering consistently high quality work using proven techniques to achieve the ideal balance between design, strength and affordable cost.  

For outstanding service, friendly advice and first class workmanship, get in touch with us today and let our friendly, experienced, Melbourne-based Empire Steel team work collaboratively with you to fit out, design and build your dream space with creative and custom architectural steel.

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