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Steel Framed Doors and Windows Melbourne

Steel is undoubtedly the preferred medium for today’s architects, interior designers, builders and construction professionals, and for good reason. No other construction material comes close to steel when it comes to flexibility, design potential and durability, which is why an increasing number of architects are integrating steel windows and doors Melbourne into their designs. Whether you’re creating a restaurant, commercial development or the home of your dreams, Empire Steel will work with you to ensure that our steel doors and windows Melbourne add quality, functionality and beauty to your project. As specialists in custom steel applications for both commercial and high-end residential clients, our turn-around times are some of the fastest in the business.

Steel doors Melbourne made

Steel doors have the ability to enhance the beauty of any building, impressing with their smooth finish and slender yet strong appearance. They are also extremely practical, offering superior durability and improved air infiltration and water prevention. Our elegant and study steel doors are custom made one at a time by our team of experienced craftsmen with only the highest quality steel and hardware. Steel doors Melbourne-made by Empire Steel exceed industry standards and are the top of the line regarding durability for climate and longevity. Available in a range of finishes and colours with the latest heavy-duty locks, hinges and screen options, your new steel doors will be anything but boring.

Robust steel window frames

Empire Steel windows Melbourne are strong and robust and can create an impressive impact on architectural design. Thanks to their strength, they can be used to provide opening windows to impressive sizes, while maintaining a slender framing finish. Our bespoke steel framed windows can be designed to your specific architectural design requirements. The frames used for our steel windows can be either stainless steel or galvanised steel that is powder coated to your preference. We work with homeowners, builders, architects and interior designers who value our metalwork skills, our sharp eye for detail and our consistently high standard of work. All orders for steel framed windows Melbourne wide are engineered at our in-house workshop.

Why choose steel windows and doors?

Steel doors and windows can be an integral element of architectural design. Their use enables designers to create slim profiles and frames to achieve exact proportions. Steel windows allow a chosen space to be filled with just the right amount of light as well as establish a closer connection with the outside environment. Steel doors offer a secure door option that seamlessly combines strength and beauty. For steel windows and doors Melbourne, Empire Steel is the name to remember. We’re committed to delivering some of the highest quality steel doors and windows, and bringing out clients’ visions to life, leaving a lasting impression. Call Empire Steel today to discuss your project with us.