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Architectural Steel Solutions

Modern builds often incorporate artistic metalwork features both internally and externally, to create a shape and identity. At Empire Steel, we fabricate a variety of one-off projects for many diverse industries. We specialise in the design, detailing and fabrication of architectural steel solutions, including internal and external handrails, balustrades, staircases and balconies, along with sunroom extensions. At Empire Steel, our fabricators are skilled in assisting architects and engineers to add these stunning finishes and details to their projects. By offering a complete service from the design stage through to final installation, we can ensure client requirements remain at the forefront throughout the project lifecycle.

Metalwork for architects, designers and builders

Steel is the preferred medium for today’s architects, builders and construction professionals for good reason. No other construction material can match the flexibility, design, potential and durability of steel. It has helped to define the Melbourne skyline with cantilevered designs, dramatic profiles and ‘impossible’ construction plans all made possible with architectural metalwork. Architectural steel is all about putting the visual appeal of stainless steel on full display, and is always high on the list when creating exciting and innovative designs. In modern architecture, there is much value placed upon straight lines and clean metallic surfaces. Stainless steel provides both, ensuring a cool, on-trend contemporary look.

Quality finishes for bold designs

At Empire Steel, we take great pleasure in bringing designs and concepts to life. We enjoy the challenges presented by bold architecture and are privileged to have completed some iconic structures over the years. We always listen carefully to our clients, to ensure that we have a complete and clear understanding of their requirements. In doing so, we’re able to deliver creative solutions on time and above expectation. Design and fabrication are performed by sourcing the highest quality materials available and are certified from the manufacturing plants we use. By combining our experience with the latest technology, we can consistently produce quality craftsmanship and excellent results for the finished product.

Choose precise craftsmanship from Empire Steel

The craftsmanship of Empire Steel is known for being precise. We ensure that your products are built within stringent guidelines and regulations while maintaining a highly visual appearance. We work with you to envisage the finished work, create and agree on precision designs using modelling software, and employ the latest machinery and our expertise to produce superior, beautiful results. We feel confident that architects and designers will be optimistic about their decisions knowing that their project is being supplied by a company who are committed to providing a reliable service. If you would like to discuss your architectural metalwork needs, please contact Empire Steel today.